Merchant Products

cGrate caters for its wide network of merchants with various products that speak to their needs. With EVD as a core offering the merchants also have access to other related products; Deposits, Withdrawals and Online Payments to name a few.

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

Using POS terminal, USSD and 543 Pay, merchants can sell electronic vouchers for; airtime, electricity, water and other utility payments. The POS machine is readily available for purchase. Whilst a USSD account only requires a phone and money to load stock.

Merchant Payments

cGrate offers payment options for the customer – alternative to cash or card payments. 543 Pay is one such product that allows customers to access their bank accounts and mobile money on WhatsApp and SMS. Merchants can receive payments from their customers for goods and services via WhatsApp and SMS. The product has multiple functions that allows the customer to transact; pay for goods, buy airtime & bill payments, send money to other users, account balance inquiry, withdraw and deposit cash.

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Cash Deposits – CashIn

Using 543 Pay and USSD, customers can deposit cash with a merchant. Merchants in turn need to have money in their 543 account in order to facilitate a deposit. The deposit transaction is made against a customer’s mobile money wallet or bank account. All CashIn transactions earn the merchant a commission, this is paid to the merchant once a month.

Cash Withdrawals - CashOut

Using 543 Pay and USSD, customers can withdraw cash from a merchant. Merchants in turn convert the cash received into stock for their 543 account. The cash withdrawals are performed from the customers’ mobile money wallets and bank accounts. All CashOut transactions earn the merchant a commission, this is paid to the merchant once a month.

Online Payments

cGrate facilitates payments to merchants that operate online – customers can pay for goods and services.

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