Become a Merchant

Would you like to sell electronic airtime vouchers today?


With 543 በሁሉምቦታ there are multiple channels you can sell electronic vouchers:

POS Machine

Using the 543 በሁሉምቦታ Machine sell airtime for Ethio Telecom i.e. through
pins (Pin-Topup) or by sending direct to the mobile phone (Direct-Topup)


Distribute airtime to multiple recipients within minutes online – up to 5000 recipients
in under 10 minutes


Distribute airtime using any handset by dialing 543

Aggregation of Airtime and Bill Payments:

Distribute airtime and bill payments through system to system integration.


To learn more call us today on 011 614 9076 or email us on

543 Konse Konse
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