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Distribute Airtime and Pay Bills Online:

Do you have challenges paying your employees their airtime allowance? With 543 you can distribute airtime and pay for bills to multiple recipients within minutes online. Send airtime to upto 5 000 recipients in under 10 minutes! All this can be done online, it creates more structure, accountability and an audit trail of airtime allocations.

In addition with this service you have access to transaction reports and reconciliation tools.

Aggregation of Airtime and Bill Payments:

cGrate distributes airtime and bill payments on existing channels through system to system integration. The organization integrates into 543 to leverage on economies of scale i.e. better stock management, one virtual balance covers all service providers, better system management from integrating into one system instead of multiple systems and one system integration means less technical resources required to manage the service.

Channels that can integrate include but not limited to; retailer’s till systems, internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking.

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