Our Core Offering

cGrate Ethiopia has multiple products for its customers however 543 በሁሉምቦታ is the company’s flagship product. 543 በሁሉምቦታ is an electronic voucher distribution solution that allows merchants, customers and dealers to purchase electronic vouchers through a wide range of distribution channels.

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

cGrate Ethiopia provides an electronic voucher distribution service. Currently we distribute electronic airtime for Ethio Telecom. With the growing appetite for electronic airtime we enable merchants to sell Ethio Telecom airtime vouchers through our POS terminals, USSD, web and web service.

Why 543 በሁሉምቦታ?

  • Ability to access accounts through USSD and Web
  • Our team is dedicated to supporting the merchant through Sales Managers, a strong Finance Team and a Call Center
  • Our systems are reliable and ensure merchants are able to vend all the time with little to no downtime
  • The 543 terminal will in the future also include a wide range of vouchers from prepaid T.V, prepaid electricity, prepaid internet and other bill payments
  • With the 543 terminal, airtime can be sent directly to the receiving phone without having to enter a pin
  • Better stock management for merchants as there is no need to keep track of speci­fic stock denominations and order specifi­c denominations
  • Merchants will be able to sell any denomination as long as there is enough credit in their 543 account
  • Stock can be loaded within minutes as compared to someone physically delivering scratch cards

Other services coming soon:

  • Merchant Payments
  • 543 Pay
  • Cash Deposits
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Online Payments
  • System to system integration.
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